Introduction to the Lotus Loft

How many times have I tried to start a blog?  Too many.  I’ve left my mark on multiple blogging sites over the years, cataloguing my rants about Harry Potter and when friends would come over.  Thankfully I have abandoned each one of these ramble dumps (although, if you’re ever in for a good banging-your-head-on-your-desk-out-of-frustration-at-annoying-teenage-girl masochistic kind of deal, feel free to Google “shvitney”).

But I think it might work out this time.

I feel as if I have more of a purpose now.  I’ve resolved to take time on each post, to really put thought into what goes up here.  I want to get people thinking, get myself thinking, and just share and interpret ordinary (or not so ordinary) things I see on my way to work or school, or maybe simply thoughts floating around my head.  I’ll take it all and try to form coherent and interesting blurbs.

if you can't see this, that's unfortunate because it's a pretty skookum picture

And sometimes I’ll post shitty photos I take and edit!  Visual accompaniment is always fun.

I promise, no bitching about annoying things that happen to all of us.  We really don’t need another blog like that circulating out there.  I’ll keep the complaining to a minimum.

I do hope you’ll stick around.  Indulge in my musings, maybe it’ll stir something in yourself.  Please feel free to share what you’ve maybe got to say.  Any related anecdotes?  Or distantly-related tangents?  I want to hear.  Let’s inspire one another!

Go out and be merry.  Hope to see you around.


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