Here’s the thing about high school:

Yes, it was monotonous.  The days were long, class time usually pointless, the teachers at time unbearable.  But the one brilliant shining light for every single student that attended (unless high school really was the pinacle of your life, in which case… I’m sorry for you) was this:

You knew it could only get better.

You knew that your life ahead was full of possibilities.  I deem this as “knowing” rather than “thinking” because there was not a trace of doubt in your mind.  It’s the one solid, platinum rule of the world: as soon as you were done walking across the stage in that gown and those white bib things that no one really knew which way to put them on (I still pour over Commencement photos and can’t decide which way looks more idiotic) the world is out there for you to either piss on or make your own.

That was the best feeling.

I just really miss that rule, that fact.  Because once you’re out of those concrete walls for good, there’s no rumour getting passed around the halls, “After this week life gets sorted out.  Don’t worry.”  There are no more flags ahead marked, “Life wont suck after this point.”  There are only the warnings, “If you’re still living with your parents by your late twenties you are a piece of shit.”  It’s either you float around and do shit all, or you do something with yourself.

That one shining fact in my mind has lost its sparkle.  It’s shrunken down to a mere glow – Tinkerbell needing claps, or whatever.  A gleam of hope.

I just don’t want to float.


L.A.H.S. is an acronym for Life After High School.  I think I’m clever.


2 thoughts on “L.A.H.S.

  1. So. True.
    The formal process of education has held my hand through life so far – after elementary school came high school, after high school came university… And now?

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