Intelligence and a Late-Night Snack

Sometimes I think that years of standing with my head pressed against the microwave, while the numbers count down to “ENJOY YOUR MEAL”, have killed off too many of my braincells and that’s the reason why my intelligence has seemed to decrease.

Then I think maybe it’s the amount of alcohol I have consumed over time.  Then I think of how that is either a) not true, or b) unfair considering I really don’t drink that much, and happen to know many others who booze it up much more excessively than I and have still maintained their intelligence level.

Then I think maybe it’s not that I’ve really gotten any more stupid, but that up until now bullshitting through school has been perfectly sufficient, and now that I have to rely on my intelligence rather than the shit I bull (?  Pretend that’s how the expression started) I’ve come to discover that I’m really not that smart at all.

Then I think that if I would stop warming up spaghetti for myself at 1130 at night and just continue studying already I wouldn’t be having this inner dialogue at all.


One thought on “Intelligence and a Late-Night Snack

  1. Hahahahahah, I have definitely had this conversation with myself before – minus the microwave part. I think someone planted it in my head a long time ago that microwave radiation would kill you. Whether or not that is true,I’ve always kept my distance.

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