Mid-Year Resolutions

[I almost accidentally wrote “Mid-Year Crisis”.  That’s a nice start.]

I cannot fathom why people think the beginning of the New Year is the ideal time to leave behind bad habits and comfort, and to leap into daunting exercise plans and strict dietary schedules.  Why would the midst of winter, the time when one is still reeling from post-holiday depression and when the weather is presumably miserable, be a good time to go, “Yeah…I’d rather eat a stick of celery than a steaming mug of hot chocolate right about now”?  And so, fine folk, I present to you the MID-YEAR RESOLUTION.

I, personally, have never been into New Year resolutions.  Bundling up to trudge off to school for another four months hardly inspires me to take chances, make mistakes and get funky (got you, didn’t I?).  But right after that final stretch… Well, spring is all about freshness.  Flowers, air, freedom of scholarly obligations…  What feels better than finishing off your exams, sucking in that brisk spring air and deciding to make some vital changes to your life?

This year I’m considering the usual: exercise more, eat healthier, read more books, use that right side of the brain more… but I’m also taking it a step further.  Just like those of you who choose the beginning of the calendar year to make promises to yourself, I’m just deciding to take on these challenges at a more practical time.

My two big resolutions are something that, I think, will be appreciated by all who come into contact with me.  So, you’re welcome.  Firstly, I’m trying to cut down/eliminate the word “like” from my speech.  Whether I’m describing something is similar to another thing, or reenacting a dialogue (“And I’m like, ‘To be or not to be’ and he’s like, ‘That is the question’.”), or one of those that just slips in between words when what should really be there is a pause for thought, the fact is that there really are so many other words to use.  My second goal is to take on a less aggressive tone when talking to people.  I’m aware that I come off as abrasive when I’m really not.  I caaaaare.

[Edit: Oh yeah, and to not correct people’s grammar.  You’re very welcome.  /asshole Whitney out.]

And so I challenge YOU.  Aren’t you so much more inspired to be a better person now that the sun is staring to show it’s shining face?  Read a book a week, smile at strangers, volunteer your time to the community, practice your skateboarding tricks (I dunno, I’m trying to appeal to the masses here).

Explore, learn, grow.


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