A Slice of Cheese

I’m a pretty independent person.  I enjoy do things on my own, I don’t like to be the one to ask for help from others, I relish my alone time (with my Sims)…

But I can’t escape the fact that we live in a social world.  I’m a heavy believer in having respect for one another.  I don’t care if you like someone or think they’re an idiot, but I think that you need to look at that person, realize that he/she is a human being like you, and respect that he/she has feelings and emotions and a backstory that need to be considered.

(That was super cheesy and sounded not a bit like me, but it is honestly something I believe in.  And I repeat: I do not consider liking someone and respecting someone to be the same thing.)

At times, we rely upon one another, and that’s not a sign of weakness.  It’s okay to accept a friend’s help with your homework.  It’s nice to support a friend in his/her photography/makeup/musical endeavours by giving a virtual thumbs up.  Show support for one another.  Be there for each other.

You’re not alone in this world, no matter how much you might sometimes wish it.


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