Quarter-Life Crisis I

You should be forced to take a year off after finishing high school before deciding on a post-secondary path.  Seriously, who has time during their last year of high school – in between the study-heavy classes and grad events and extra curricular activities – to just take a moment to consider yourself and think about where you might want to go in life?  There are so many different options.  What’s the most ideal for you, and what’s the best approach?

I had this terrible feeling that if I didn’t continue right away with SOME sort of schooling, I’d never be able to get myself back into it.  I only felt that way because of the expectations others had projected out into the world.

People are so concerned with time.  “How many years will it take you to finish your degree?”  “Um, aren’t you going to be the oldest person in your grad class?”  “And by the time you’re twenty-five years old you will be doing…?”  They also spout off bullshit like, “It’s not too late.  Go for it.”  But that’s not always possible.  Also, if you (or some very generous family members) have already put so much money into a certain schooling that would in no way transfer to what you really want to do, don’t you owe it to yourself/them to at least make something out of all that money and time?

When you’re going to school full time it’s hard to put aside a moment to say, “Okay, is this what I want?  Will this help me in SOME way?”  There’s no time in between classes and bussing and studying and paper-writing and work shifts to have these talks with yourself (although there is time to write blog posts about it, question mark?), but maybe you’re constantly being pelted with “I hate this, make it stop” messages in your brain, and all you know is that whatever this is…it’s not what you really want to be doing.

So now I’m kind of hoping that in my next life there’ll be a nagging voice in the back of my mind that comes out in my last year of high school, poking me and hissing, “Hey.  I know what you should do.”  And I’ll be all, “What?  Who is this?” and the past-life me will be like, “Never you mind, just listen to me.”

If I can actually make this post useful (instead of just using it to stew in my own regrets) spread the word or take this advice: Try to do what you really want to do.  Don’t settle.  Or if you do, at least make sure it’s for a high-paying job.

(Well, really.  If you’re not going to be happy anyway, you might as well be rich.)


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