Yellow Brick Roads and Tulgey Wood Paths

When you reach a time in your life when things do not go according to plan, the problem is not what to do.  We know what to do: wallow for a bit, but eventually you pick yourself up and move on because that really is the only option.  Move on.

The question is, where do you move on to?  What are you supposed to do when you lose the path that, even if you couldn’t see the end to, was at least somewhere to start?  When Dorothy started off in Munchkin Land, that Yellow Brick Road just swirled around in that shell loop for a million orbits, but at least she knew that there was somewhere to go.

So what do you do when you’re more like Alice in the Tulgey Wood, following that path that ends up getting swept up by that broom-lion-thing?  (Yeah, yeah I’m talking about the Disney version whatever I’m not hip I actually thoroughly enjoy this movie.)  You had such hope that you might actually be on your way somewhere, doing something exciting, but just when you’re daring to think even the slightest bit ahead, the road gets taken out from right underneath you.

Do you backtrack, find a new journey to begin?  Do you try to forge ahead anyway?

What do you do?


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